youngest age: 6


Aerial silks is arguably one of the most traditional circus arts. Using nothing more than two pieces of fabric individuals learn to take to the sky, performing everything from poses to drops.
In our silks classes, each student is encouraged to push their limits and play in poses in order to give every skill its own unique flair!

youngest age: 6

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Based on the name, many may think Hammock is nothing more than a nice way to relax. However hammock, sometimes referreed to as sling, is actually a unique apparatus that combines aspects of both silks and lyra! 
Hammock is essentially a loop of fabric allowing one to perform at heights without requiring any climbing. Many of the skills one learns on silks can be transfeered over to hammock, yet because of the hammock's unique construction, there's also plenty of skills that are unique to the appartus.  

youngest ages: 6


Lyra, also called hoop, is a thick steel bar wrapped in tape that hangs from something called a spanset. Though bruises are one of the many rewards that come from practicing lyra, this apparatus allows one to flow from one skill to the next, relishing in every pose in between. Lyra is also perfect for those who love to spin and find creative entrances and exits for every skill!

Ages: crawlers to climbers

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Wee Fly is a class for our smallest flyers. Wee Fly is an opportunity for parents to play alongside their wee ones from the floor to aerial apparatus. Wee foster bonding and baby-led exploration, incorporating music, textures, and movement in a safe and supportive environment.

youngest age: 13


Open Studio is the perfect opportunity for those who feel comfortable enough to train independently and want to practice outside of a class setting. During open studio, individuals are free to workshop skills, strengthen their technique, and build strength.
As aerialists, it's important to continually stretch and train in order to grow as a performer so we highly recommend taking advantage of open studio and further develop all the skills you've learned in class!