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Get Elevated

Here at Elevate, nothing warms our hearts more than watching as our students of all ages shed their fears and show gravity who’s boss. There’s nothing like your first full climb to the top of the silks or seemingly limitless spin on the lyra.  

In our beachside town, we’re proud to be a leading studio known for our outstanding aerial program for kids, teens & adults. However, for those who like to stay a little closer to the Earth, we also offer a variety of unique groundwork classes.

 We recognize that the children we teach now will one day make up the acrobats of the future long after we’ve stopped climbing. We believe in challenging our younger students to push themselves in the air and embrace their strengths, discovering fearlessness, and building community all at once.

Elevate is an energetic, uplifting, family-run studio. We provide training for all levels and ages. While we strive to shape our most determined students into rising stars, we also can’t get enough of our students who are looking for something to shake up and elevate their fitness journey.


Warning: training in the aerial arts will inevitably result in rock-hard abs and almost instantly chiseled arms. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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