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We are always excited to see new students fall in love with the art of aerial. However, we do understand that you can feel nervous before your first class. We were in your place once, too! Don’t worry. We’re here to ensure that once you’ve braved your first climb, those pesky nerves will disappear and you’ll find each time your toes lift off the ground and you swing yourself upside down, you can’t wait to do it all over again!


  • Comfortable, close fitting leggings that give you enough mobility to fully extend and bend your legs. We always recommend a quick modesty check in the mirror before coming to ensure that the material is not too thin when you are bending over.

  • No zippers – they rip our precious silks. You will not be allowed to climb wearing zippers.

  • Please remove all jewelry, no exceptions. Fingernails must be short and groomed.

  • For your first class, a T-shirt is your best bet until your skin becomes comfortable with the friction under the armpits. Please, no mid-drifts or exposed waists. This is for your own safety and comfort. The more coverage you have, the less likely you will experience first time friction burns.


  • ​Plenty of water for the whole hour. We do have a water cooler for your use if you bring along a bottle to fill!

  • A positive attitude! We have a super fun and supportive culture at Elevate Aerial. We encourage all students to celebrate each other's aerial successes! Woohoo!


  • Always keep safety at the forefront of your mind – learn and practice new skills at the minimum safe height.

  • Listen carefully to your teacher and avoid distracting others.

  • No zippers, no jewelry to be worn on apparatus + save our silks from dangerous holes.

  • Love your crash mat, but rely on your body to save you first.

  • Be honest and kind to your body, and always let your teacher know if you ever feel scared, unsure or simply need help.

  • In the event that a full registration online was not completed, you may print and sign the registration form linked below! 

  • Covid 19 has changed how we do business. We respect all people’s opinions and comfort levels. We have added a Declaration of Health Form to be signed at the door for every student. We require everyone to wash hands prior to class and after. Between classes, we sanitize the fabric and mats. Masks are not required but are welcomed if you feel them necessary. If you are sick please stay home.


We are located at 21591 Surveyor Circle Unit #3A Huntington Beach.

We have plenty of unit and street parking. 


We accept cash, cheque and card payments.

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations must be completed within 24 hours notice to avoid being charged for the class in full. 

Learn more about our Pricing here!

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