October Newsletter


We can’t believe it's already the first of October! We are so beyond excited with all the progress our students have made and can’t wait to see them all perform in the limelight in our upcoming shows! 


In this newsletter: Birthday Highlights, Reminders (Absences and Sign Up for Elevate’s Remind), Circus Fun facts, BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS (Halloween Scratch Night, Christmas Show)  


Happy Birthday to all of our students/instructors born in October: 

  • Arina Bondar   

  • Sia Seitz 

  • Ava Murphy  

  • Joslynn Hawkins   

  • Rylie Vail 

  • Milana Levenson  

  • Anna Sassone 

  •  Caymbri Fenn 

  •  Daniela Castro  

  • Jasmine Lohman 

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1. Absences & Tardiness 

We understand that summertime (and life in general) will have events and things that come up. It is important to communicate with your instructor and/or Jacque if you will not be attending class at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled class date so that we can put you in an available make-up class. In addition, we do not penalize tardiness, but recently, there has been a consistent pattern of some showing up more than 10 minutes late. We kindly ask you to please be mindful of everyone's time and show up a bit early so you can get the most out of your class! 

2. Sign up for Elevate's Remind Account 

We know some of you prefer to receive news over text rather than email, so Elevate has recently opened a Remind account! This way you will receive text announcements of the big things happening here at the studio, such as workshops and shows! 

To sign up copy the link into Google: remind.com/join/8d38g72  
Or text @8d38g72 to 81010  



  • The first modern circus appeared in the United States in Philadelphia in 1793 and its owner was Englishman John Bill Ricketts.  


  •  A free ticket is sometimes called an Annie Oakley—the small hole punched in the ticket resembles sharpshooter Oakley’s bullet holes, and Oakley is rumored to have given bullet-perforated playing cards to kids to use as free passes! 


  • Did you know that popcorn, a popular circus and theater snack, has been around since 400 BC?



This year, Elevate is excited to announce what will hopefully be a new tradition: Halloween Scratch Night! Think of it as an Open Mic Night but for FLYING!  
Create and choreograph your act and dress the part! Music, costume, and your routine must be approved by Jacque prior to October 17th.  
Scratch Night will be held on October 23rd. Kids will perform from 4-6 pm and Adults will perform from 6-8 pm. 
The registration fee is $40 but all guests can watch for free!  



We are so excited to have a Christmas show this year and can't wait to see all of our amazing students in the spotlight. This year's theme is the 12 Days of Christmas and it will be held at Beachcities Community Church (9872 Hamilton Ave, Huntington Beach, California). The Christmas show will be on December 5th and students will be responsible to purchase costumes according to their respective instructors. (Expect to purchase a leotard and leggings to match the performance group)      
We want all of our students to be confident and prepared up in the air so in order to perform, students must be able to attend all of the classes in November (Elevate will only be closed on Thanksgiving),  as well as make it to the mandatory dress rehearsal Sunday evening on November 28th. 
The registration fee is $45, click the link to sign up now: SIGN UP TODAY!
This year if any adults want to play a bigger role in the production and planning of the show and would like to volunteer contact Jacque at 714- 642-8194.    



We’re all about community building here at Elevate and we want to connect with YOU! You are within a safe space at Elevate where you can share what’s on your mind...


Send us your questions or topics to discuss!

Send an email to info@elevatehb.com

with the Subject line: Topic/Question for discussion  


Thank you for taking the time to read our most updated news.

 We look forward to seeing you in the air!


Much gratitude,

Jacque + Elevate Admin Team