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Jacque grew up in Covina, California and is told that the only way she’d watch TV as a child was upside down, balancing on her head. Her observant and slightly disconcerted mother enrolled her in gymnastics, where she competed until a forced retirement at 14 due to back injury. Years later, a raffle prize — one month of unlimited aerial classes — was all it took for Jacque to fall in love with a new form of fitness and artistry. She immediately loved how it pushed her physical limits, gave her a creative outlet, and stretched her both mentally and physically. She began Elevate as a space to share her love of Aerial with the community around her and is so excited by how many students she’s had the pleasure of guiding over the years.


Fun Fact: Jacque holds Biology degree and deep love of all the sciences. Part of a Tissue Recovery Surgical Team out of college, she procured cadaveric tissue for donation with the American Red Cross.



Amanda began performing at three years old.  By the age of seven she starred in a local South Florida children’s show, KidZone.  Her passion for performing blossomed and before she attended high school she was offered the opportunity to study with the Joffrey Ballet School on scholarship. During her academic schooling, Amanda worked full time performing with the Ft. Lauderale Ballet Classique.  But after graduation, her desire to travel the world led her to run away with the circus as a headlining aerialist/dancer with shows such as: Dezire, Cirque on Ice and Four Spirit of the Elements.  In 2009 until May 2015 she made the bright lights of Vegas her home performing with Cirque du Soleil’s Zumanity and Michael Jackson ONE.  Amanda now lives in Los Angeles, California where she teaches her craft to all ages and all walks of life.  In 2020 Grounded in Flight, Amanda’s aerial company and studio, was born.  

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Autumn grew up in Orange County but has since traveled around, exploring and deepening her passions for both music and aerial. Ever since she was a kid, Autumn has had an intense connection with music and even starred in a few theater productions and commercials -- however, when she had it her way, Autumn could be found romping around outside getting dirty. 

Autumn started her aerial journey slightly later when she was cast as the lead vocalist in a musical stunt show at 19. Constantly surrounded by acrobats, Autumn became entranced in the art, creativity, and character work of it all and became hooked. The same day she installed a pull bar in her room to build strength and now all the years later, and Autumn is not only a professional aerialist but a pioneer in the field! 

Fun Fact: Autumn is a classically trained pianist and is an activist for refugee reform. 



Zoe always knew she would be an aerialist. She grew up quite literally in the circus! Zoe was born to touring circus performers. As soon as she took her first breath, she was traveling all around the world while her parents toured with Cirque Du Soleil. Now
a professional aerialist herself, it’s no surprise that her biggest inspiration has always been her parents. Her family eventually settled in Ventura, CA, and Zoe helped her parents build The Aerial Studio. During that time, Zoe enjoyed 11 years of training from
elite aerial coaches such as Bianca Sapetto, Terry Beeman, Sita Acevedo, Chanel Pepper, Gregg and Carmen Curtis. These days, Zoe is most inspired by her students. She feels empowered when her students express how much aerial has changed their lives. Her students’ passion for the art of aerial drives her to continue to train and learn new skills to share. Zoe hopes to continue her parents’ legacy and tour with Cirque Du Soleil. We can’t wait to see her achieve her dream of flying high around the world —
especially if she’ll snag us some seats at the show!

Fun Fact: Zoe and her aerial partner are the winners of Wipeout 2021 Season 1 Episode 5!




Heather grew up in Mammoth Lakes, Ca. She had an extremely active childhood — you could find her snow ski racing, spending hours at the dance studio, and competing on soccer, swim, and competition cheer teams! Heather first discovered circus when her parents took her to see Cirque du Soleil and she was completely mesmerized. While the memory always stayed with her, it wasn’t until years later that she finally tried it herself. Her spirit and heart drew her to dive into classes as an adult and she fell completely in love. As an aerialist, Heather finds inspiration everywhere, but especially music. It has always held a special place in her heart because of her roots as a dancer.

She’s also inspired when she sees movement executed in a way she’s never seen or even thought of. She loves the freedom of expression that aerial gives her, how fun and challenging it is, how it can be a wonderful emotional release. Most of all, Heather loves all of the friendships and memories that aerial brings her.

Fun Fact: At the age of 14, Heather had a professional sponsorship in ski racing! She traveled around the US and Canada for races and qualified for the Junior Olympics three times.



Rubi was born in California but grew up in the Philippines. As a child, she was an avid competitive swimmer. Living by the beach, whenever her Dad was too lazy to drive her to a pool he’d make her swim in the ocean while he rowed next to her in his little banka, a traditional boat. Rubi’s aerial journey began in 2013. When she moved back to California as an adult, Rubi barely knew anyone and felt painfully shy. She hoped a hobby would help her find community and get out of her comfort zone. Turning to Groupon and Living Social, she hopped from class to class and never found a perfect fit. That is, until aerial. When she walked into her first aerial class, it felt like home. It wasn’t easy, the moves definitely didn’t come naturally. She remembers many difficult
classes where she she was last one to nail the trick, sometimes unable to master the move of the day. But she wasn’t fazed — she just kept showing up! Now an instructor, she finds inspiration in music and the way aerial makes her feel. Aerial allows her to explore different facets of herself, it allows her to relax and takes her mind off of the seriousness of work and day to day life. It’s her place to recharge and focus on herself. 

Fun Fact: Rubi LOVES spicy food! A hot, spicy soup on a cold day is her creature comfort.

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Cassie grew up in Brunswick, Ohio. She moved to Huntington Beach in 2014 and has called it home ever since. Growing up, Cassie was a competitive gymnast with a particular fondness for rhythmic gymnastics. It wasn't until Cassie was an adult that she found the aerial arts. A groupon for a spin class led her into an aerial class and she's never looked back since! In both life and art, Cassie is inspired by presence, humor and kindness. She loves aerial because it teaches her experiential physics in real time - "It's like unlocking a mental and physical padlock of exhilarating liberation." Her aerial practice keeps her spine healthy, her body strong, and her soul grounded. In ten years, Cassie sees herself with gardens full of food to share, fruit trees blooming and an abundance of love in her life. 

Fun Fact: Cassie trained with Bela Karolyi from the age of 5-9 and always idolized Dominique Moceanu and now her Aunt (who was her first gymnastics coach) works with her as an olympic gymnastics coach! 



Carina grew up in Huntington Beach, where she was enrolled in a variety of activities such as swim, ballet, and gymnastics. However, it wasn't until she began aerial that she found something that she was truly passionate about. Carina was actually introduced to the wonderful world of aerial by one of her old middle school teachers who was also a student at Elevate and ever since, Carina has not looked back. A fantastic performer and a dedicated teacher, Carina hopes to one day pursue a full-time career in the circus -- flying high above a packed audience, dazzling them with dynamic drops and technical skills.  

Fun Fact: Carina taught her self handstands and hand-balancing tricks on canes that her dad made!



Sara has lived in SoCal her whole life, growing up in Redondo Beach and Cerritos. She was an active kid, always swimming at her local recreation center or skating and biking until she dropped. As an adult, she was looking for community and an experience that might push her out of her comfort zone…well aerial was just the thing! She wasn’t the most flexible or strongest in the room, but her drive to keep showing up and improving soon blossomed into a new passion for circus. Sara first trained on silks and lyra before discovering single point hammock and static trapeze. During her first few years in the aerial community, she fell in love with who she can be in the air. The strength, self awareness, and community that aerial has brought into Sara’s life is what drives her forward as an artist and teacher. She looks forward to a future filled with flight, and maybe even a studio of her own one day! 


Fun Fact: Sara took cosmetology in High School and dreamt of pursuing a career in hair and makeup! 


Stephanie grew up in Fountain Valley, California and was constantly performing for anyone who would watch. She joined her first theatre company at the age of 10 and immediately fell in love with any and all things related to the performing arts. Acting, singing, dancing, directing-you name it!- she wanted to do it all. In her freshman year of high school (while attending OCSA) she was cast as Peter Pan in Peter Pan and was introduced to Elevate Aerial. She has been hooked ever since and is constantly amazed and inspired by the artistic rigor of the aerial arts community. What she loves most about aerial is how it makes strength beautiful and how it can give you wings to fly. 


Fun Fact: She loves all things Peter Pan and even won Best of Class at the OC Fair for her extensive Peter Pan collection!

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